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Why Choose John Fowler Plumbing Solutions?

We are a complete plumbing service company

You don’t have to worry about plumbing issues once you’ve called us! We have the industry’s best plumbers, skilled, licensed, and insured. Bonded with Local Utilities and Municipalities, we are ready for whatever may come your way.  We have literally seen it all making us an ideal company for all your plumbing needs. Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters or Underground, we are just a call away!

Upfront and transparent pricing

Even the most straightforward plumbing service call can turn into a major plumbing disaster, especially when dealing with old homes. For that reason, we take time to do proper diagnostics so that we have a full picture of the issues that need attention. Sometimes we will recommend protective and maintenance services that were not initially requested. We do this out of experience. Every decision we make is based on a fact based diagnosis and assessment. For that reason, we provide a full estimate with options for you to choose from- From the start!

Quality Plumbing Solutions

We understand the industry, and we know what happens when it comes to plumbing projects from unlicensed contractors taking shortcuts or just general ignorance. It happens all the time! We do many service calls following behind plumbers who performed bad repairs. Don’t get into this trap of fanciful marketing or cheap prices, You will spend more on the damage caused by such people. We offer you the highest quality of service you can get. Quality parts, proven best practices, standard workmanship and follow ups for complex issues.

Flexible Scheduling

It is all about your convenience. We want to offer the service to you at the best time when there will be minimal disruption to your schedule and other activities. We have a flexible scheduling approach, ensuring that your Indianapolis plumbing service call is smooth.

Expert Plumbing Services in Indianapolis

Do You Have a Plumbing Emergency in Indianapolis? Call Our 24-Hour Service Team

Do you have a leaky pipe? A faulty water heater? Clogged or runny toilet? Frozen pipes? Or any other plumbing emergency that needs urgent attention in central Indiana? Look no further. Give us a call now for a chance to work with the best drain cleaning and piping expert in service, pricing, and quality.

We are the go-to plumbing service provider, servicing new and old homeowners throughout Indiana. Don’t take our word for it. Our reviews and ratings will tell you a better story about our technicians and customer support than we can. We are rated highly on Angie’s List carrying the A rating on the platform. HomeAdvisor ranks us as Trusted Pro in Central Indiana for plumbing solutions in installations, repair, and maintenance.

When it comes to older homes, we offer a wide range of solutions, including polybutylene pipes removal, galvanized pipes replacement, pipe bellies fixes, and old fixtures upgrades. Works range from repair to replacement of old fixtures with new and modern ones.

In general, our plumbers will solve water pressure issues, water heating problems, faulty sump pumps, sewer systems, clogged bathrooms, runny toilets, slow and clogged drains, dripping faucets, and drippy pipes. Whether it is a burst pipe or blocked garbage disposal, we are always at your service. Indianapolis homeowners have trusted our plumbers for decades for a reason.

Central Indiana Sewer Line Inspection and Repair Experts

You have two options when it comes to repairing a sewer line. There is the traditional method of excavation, which means tearing up your property to get to the pipes (not to mention backhoe tracks on your lawn). Or, you can choose our preferred method of completing sewer line repairs, which causes minimal disruption to your lawn and is just as effective in fixing issues related to corroded, cracked, and broken pipes.

Through a sewer line camera inspection, we can quickly diagnose the issue with your home’s sewer or septic line and recommend the right type of repair.

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Why Choose John Fowler Plumbing Solutions?

We Specialize in older homes.

As plumbing systems age, they develop some of the most complex, unique, and difficult to diagnose problems. As it stands, most older homes have pipes and materials that have simply lived their intended lifespan. We offer options to address concerns ranging from repair to rehabilitate to replacement; We leave the final decision to you. Our goal is for you to understand the nature of the problem and what solutions we are offering you.

Delivering Great Service… That’s Our Mission

Service, experience, and the right tools to get the job done. John Fowler Plumbing has a full suite of sewer and drain equipment, including line cameras, hydrojetters, cable machines, and drain snakes. And, we are able to offer all of our services at an affordable price.

Fully stocked and outfitted plumbing service trucks

We want to offer you same-day service as often as possible. Since plumbing emergencies are unanticipated, our service trucks are strategically located within Indianapolis and surrounding areas to ensure that our team can get to your home within the shortest time possible. We also ensure that all trucks have diagnostic tools and equipment, including lie cameras for sewer inspections to hydrojetters for unclogging pipes, plumbing cable machines, and drain snakes for professional drain cleaning.

Low Monthly Payments

We don't want you to skip scheduled maintenance, especially for older homes because we know the risks associated with neglected water heaters, drains, or piping. For that reason, we have structured payment schedules that are friendly to you. You only pay a small monthly fee instead of one-off payments that can stretch you financially. Our convenient monthly payment plans will ensure you can enjoy the services of a premier plumbing company without breaking the bank.

They were very professional and told me what I had already assumed. It was 1:00 am, so it was expensive, but my pipe freeze should resolve itself. They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but in my case it was $339.00. I get on a plane tomorrow at 1:00 pm. At least I won’t have to worry about my whole house flooding? Goods guys!

kerry Smith

John Fowlers plumbing is now our go to plumbing service from now on. Chase and Drew arrived only a couple hours after contacting them and were very professional, friendly, and honest. Will definitely be calling them again for our next plumbing project.


Chris Nisley

Great customer service, from scheduling to the in house inspection. Friendly, knowledgeable technicians and professionals provided fantastic service, recommendations and estimates for work.

Liam Knecht

Prompt and on time service. Had an issue where a handyman screwed up putting a saddle valve on a pipe. JF’s came out in the designated time window and fixed the issue at a more than fair price.

Charles Shall

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